Competition Games Set Down 27th June

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Competition Games set down. Saturday 27th June. 12.30pm. Minor Pairs. C McFayden, V Ng play I Jones, K Cundy. M Coombes, B Neukgrin play J & A Carey. Major Pairs. D Smith, P Doyle play G Bourke, G Latham. J Bullen, S Fuller play P Bullen, T Fuller.

Sunday 28th June. 9.30am. Minor Singles. T Ogilvie plays V Ng marker R Kembrey. Major Singles. L McIntyre plays M Carey marker G Latham. Minor Pairs. Winner of Saturday game between M Coombes, B Neukgrin and J & A Carey play F Swanson, R Sullivan