Club Grants & Applications

Club Grants

Community Groups from the local Armidale community have an opportunity to formally apply to the Armidale City Bowling Club for funding for various community-related projects. The funding is made available from profits generated from gaming activity. The ClubGRANTS Scheme (formerly the CDSE Scheme) was established to formalise this funding process.

The ClubGRANTS Scheme was designed to ensure that registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those clubs.

There are three categories of ClubGRANTS available:

Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people. These projects encompass Community Welfare & Social Services, Community Development, Community Health Services and Employment Assistance Activities.

Category 2 funding is generally for projects not listed or eligible for Category 1 funding such as Sport and Recreational Clubs, Cultural Activities – Visual/Performing Arts, Charity Fundraising, Medical Research and in-kind services such as Complimentary Room Hire, Fundraising Products and Prizes and Training Facilities for Elite Athletes.

Category 3 funding is automatically paid by the club into the NSW Government’s ClubGRANTS Fund on a quarterly basis to support and develop large scale State-wide projects or services such as Sports Venues and Facilities, Hospitals and Community Health Services, Youth Facilities, Child Care Facilities, Aged Care Facilities, Educational Facilities, Emergency Services Facilities, Parks and Recreation, Community Housing and Community Transport.

More information on how to apply and the categories can be found on the ClubGRANTS website here


How to Apply

The Clubs grant rounds will be available from 1st of July and will close on the 30th of June the following year.

  • To apply for a Club grant please register your application at and select the relevant form i.e. Category 1 or 2 and submit the application for the Clubs consideration. The Clubs Sponsorship and Donations Committee meets monthly to consider grant applications.

Club Grants FAQ’s

What is ClubGRANTS?
ClubGRANTS, formerly the CDSE program (Community Development and Support Expenditure scheme) was introduced in 1998 by the NSW Government and allows clubs to claim a tax deduction on specific revenue for monies spent on community support.

To find out more, please visit

Why does my organisation/community group have to go through this application process for funding?
Community groups must submit a category one or two application form by the due date to Armidale City Bowling Club in order to be eligible for any funding. These application forms are a requirement of ClubsNSW as well as maintaining efficiency in the clubs ability to process requests due to the high volume of applications received each year.

The online application form only allows me to put in 150 words per response; I would like to write more, how can I do this?
The online application form is designed to capture succinct, detailed information on the specific organisation. Please do your best to adhere to the word limits on each response.

I have a specific project/fundraiser/cause that I would like Armidale City Bowling Club to support, how can I receive support?
Armidale City Bowling Club is committed, throughout the year, to facilitating positive change in the community and supporting local organisations/people that go out of their way to help others.

Please send through your request for support to the Community Support Coordinator. Please include:
·Your name
·Contact details
·Detailed outline the nature of your project/fundraiser/cause
·Outline how Armidale City Bowling Club can assist you or your organisation
To email – Click Here

My organisation has been supported by Armidale City Bowling Club for a number of years do I have to reapply each year?
Yes, every year each group is required to submit an application form. This is a requirement of ClubsNSW, however it also allows Armidale City Bowling Club to ensure its community funding is allocated in the most appropriate areas and projects within the community. These applications also ensure contact details are up to date.

What is ‘Goods in Kind’ support?
Armidale City Bowling Club supports organisations through discounted room hire and food packages for social functions, fundraisers, regular meetings, AGMs etc.

These discounts are subject to the approval of the Armidale City Bowling Club Board of Directors through the programs yearly application process. Organisations need to outline the occasions in which they are requesting this type of support.

Our community group would like to provide acknowledgement of support by placing the clubs logo in newsletter/website/press release/uniform etc, but do not have the file?
Thank you to all community groups who support Armidale City Bowling Club Club in this way. Please email with your request for logo and where this will be used.

How do I know if my organisation/community group is a Category One or Two?
Category One
is for projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community. These projects or organisations aim to improve the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.

Category Two is for community development and support activities that would not be covered under category one including sporting and social clubs.

Please visit for the full guidelines prior to submitting your application.

I have missed the cut off date for Armidale City Bowling Club community support applications what do I do?
The Armidale City Bowling Club is always looking for new community partners to broaden its community development reach. If you have missed the cut off please feel free to submit your request for sponsorship by clicking here and completing the form called outside of grant applications.

Do you have a question that is currently not listed in our FAQs?
Please email your question to Armidale City Bowling Club’s CEO, Walter Sauer. Please supply your full contact details in the email by clicking here.