Bowls Results 6th July 2020

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results from games played last weekend. Minor Pairs. H Radlingmayr, T Ogilvie defeated D Dowse, R Kembrey 22 to 9. Major Singles. T Fuller defeated L McIntyre 31 to 30. S Fuller defeated P Bullen 31 to 23.

Competition Games set down. Saturday 11th July. 9.30am. Major Pairs. P Wadleigh, J Williams play J Bullen, S Fuller. Minor Triples. B Neukgrin, F Swanson, M Coombes play S Stubbs, B Wadleigh, R Sullivan. Sunday 12th July. 10.30am. Minor Singles. C McFayden plays K Cundy marker R Cundy. J Carey plays R Kembrey marker B White. Major Singles. J Bullen plays P Doyle marker K Brodbeck

Bowlers please note that your Membership fees are now due and payable before the 31st July 2020.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club Notes

Welcome back to bowls everyone and we are all legally able to play our chosen sport after 9 weeks of wondering how this pandemic will all work out.   Please stay safe everyone and follow the rules.

Our first day back was Tuesday 30 June, 2020 and  three social games were played and interrupted by rain after 6 ends and results are:  J Hoenger, L Halloran defeated M King, E Dougherty:  M Hann, D Fuller defeated L Fullerton, M South:  J Carey, M Macgregor defeated I Myhill, M Coggan.

Social bowls results, Friday July 3, 2020, J Carey, D Fuller defeated M Chappell, M Macgregor:  I Myhill, M South defeated D O’Connell, M Coggan:  L Fullerton, M King, L Halloran defeated L Fullerton (2), J Swanson, J Hoenger.

Some dates for your Diary:  The Jill Morson Pairs played on July 14, 2020 (Box draw), Senior Fours at Uralla on July 15. 2020;  Avis Sheedy Pairs 24 July, (nominated pairs);  Annual General Meeting on Monday July 27, 2020:  Three Bowl Pairs July 31, 2020:  ACWBC President’s day August 25, 2020  North versus South day November 27, 2020.  The Jean McKinnon games have not yet been confirmed.   Our next meeting will be on after bowls on July 10, 2020.

Many thanks to our Games Manager Enid who has draw up a menu for everyone.