Bowls Results 3rd April 2018

Armidale City Men’s Bowls.

Competition games set down for next weekend. Saturday 7th April. 9.15am

Major Singles. T Fuller v S Fuller. Marker N Ellem. G Bourke v M Shiner. Marker G Graham. P Bullen v J Bullen. Marker P Wadleigh.

Saturday 7th April. 1pm. Minor Singles. P Clarke v J McCann. Marker A McMillan

F Lipscombe v R Kembrey. Marker B Wadleigh. Minor Pairs. B White and V Ng v D Cuskelly and A Carey

Sunday 8th April. 9.15am. Major Singles. Winner of T Fuller and S Fuller v K Brodbeck. The loser of the Fullers game to mark. Major Fours. T McMillan, D Smith, R Clutterbuck, T Randell v M Jackson, L McIntyre, M Carey, P Wadleigh.

Sunday 8th April. 1pm. Minor Singles. A Bull v S Stubbs marker R Sullivan


Armidale City Womens Bowling Club

Shield Results Tuesday March 27, 2018 with Umpire L Radlingmayr, eighteen players took part in the Jill Morson Shield competition and results are: J Carey, I Myhill, M Knight defeated E Dougherty, M South, L Halloran;   J Hoenger, M Coggan, L Radlingmayr defeated M Chappell, G Holmes, D Fuller;  D O’Connell, N Jemmeson, B Charter defeated J Gossip, F Bourke, M Macgregor.  The winners for the day who will have their names engraved on the Jill Morson Shield are Dos O’Connell, Nanette Jemmeson and Betty Charter.   The runners-up were J Gossip, F Bourke and M Macgregor.

For interested persons Jill Morson was an esteemed member, a Life member, an excellent bowler and a great club person winning many competitions at club and District level.   It is a great honour in memory of Jill to play for and have your name placed on her Shield.

The Easter Carnival was another success with 20 teams participating in very warm weather over the two days. It was nice to see Christine and Greg Harrison, Marilyn and Phil Wheaton come for a visit.  The winners were Judy Hoenger and Gavin Latham, second Dos O’Connell and Todd Fuller, third was Fiona Smith and Graham Bourke, fourth was Marge South and Steven Fuller, fifth was Marilyn and Phil Wheaton and Christine and Greg Harrison was sixth.   Congratulations to all those that played and enjoyed the game.

The NEDWBA Singles will be played this weekend 7-8 April at City and best wishes to all those participating.   Nominations for the Club Pairs will close on Friday April 6.