Bowls Results 25th June 2018

Armidale City Men’s Bowls.

Results of games played last weekend. Presidents Singles.  J Elliot defeated G Holmes 25 to 13. M Jackson defeated M Knight 25 to 10. J Carey defeated E Dougherty 19 to 13. P Clarke defeated S Stubbs 19 to 11. B Charter defeated D Dougherty 22 to 7.

Competition games set down for next weekend. Saturday 30th June, 10.30am. Major Pairs. R Clutterbuck and L McIntyre play G Bourke and G Latham. Minor Fours, A Carey, P Clarke, S Stubbs, A Bull play H Radlingmayr, N McLean, M Henderson, R Kembrey. Sunday 1st July. 1am. Presidents Singles. G Latham plays P Bullen marker P Clarke. D O’Connell plays F Lipscombe marker G Holmes. B Charter plays C McFayden merker D Dougherty. J Carey plays J Elliot marker E Doughety.