Bowls Results 23rd November 2020

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Competition Games set down for next weekend. Saturday 28th November, 9.30am. Mixed Pairs. P Bullen, D O’Connell play S Fuller, M South.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club Notes

Competition results Tuesday November 17, 2020 the semi-final of the Major Consistency was played with M South defeating B Charter in a a good game.  Social results, J Swanson, L Halloran defeated D O’Connell D Fuller:  I Myhill, J Hoenger defeated L Fullerton, M Hann.

Competition results Friday November 20, 2020 was the final of the Major Consistency and congratulations go to D O’Connell defeating M South in a very good game.  Social results J Hoenger, I Myhill, L Halloran defeated E Dougherty, M Hann, D Fuller:  J Swanson, F Swanson B Charter defeated L Fullerton, M Coggan, N Jemmeson.

Association day was held at Guyra on Tuesday November 24, 2020 and       a report on this day will be published next week,

Well done to Justin Bullen and Steven Fuller who represented Armidale City in the Zone 2 State Pairs played at South Tamworth Bowling Club over the weekend.  Justin and Steven won their way through to the final and went down to the strong Narrabri team in the final.