Bowls Results 22nd October 2018

Armidale City Men’s Bowls.

Results of games played last weekend. Major Fours Final. G Latham, A McMillan, G Bourke, M Shiner defeated P Bullen, G Graham, J Elliot, J Williams 25 to 17.

Competition Games set down. Saturday 26th October, 10am. Presidents Singles. T Inman plays A Bull marker J Williams. J Elliot plays P Bullen marker S Stubbs.

Saturday 3rd November. Minor Singles Final. J McCann plays V Ng.

Armidale City Womens Bowling Club

The Elsie Burgess Alternating Triples were completed on Tuesday October 16 and there were some very close results between the four teams.  J Hoenger, I Myhill, C Farr-Wharton defeated K Van, M South, B Charter:  D O’Connell, E Dougherty, D Fuller defeated J Carey, M King, G Holmes.  Congratulations to Carol, Ila and Judy who won this year’s competition on a countback.  For interested persons, Mrs Elsie Burgess was our Foundation President and each year this competition is sponsored in her name.

The mixed social bowls day held on Friday October 19 was a most enjoyable day with 18 players taking to the greens for one game of triples followed by a welcome sausage sizzle. Results of the day were:  Fred Swanson, N Jemmeson, B Charter defeated K Van, S Stubbs, M Macgregor:   J Swanson, J Carey, C Farr-Wharton defeated D O’Connell, D Dougherty, D Fuller:  M King, I Myhill, L Halloran defeated E Dougherty, Brian Charter, M Knight.

The travelling Bowlers’ trip to Moree Service’s Club was an outstanding success.  The bus left Armidale on time and had a short break at Inverell before arriving at their destination before lunchtime.  The traveller’s were warmly welcomed by Peter Catril and Michael King who were standing in for the club President, Phillip Schouppe who was away on business.  After lunch one game of triples with 18 ends were played with the host club winning the match.   Dinner that night at the Club was enjoyed by everyone, the cuisine was varied giving everyone many choices and the conversations flowed freely.  The Armidale bowlers retired to the Albert Motel next door to the club house and had a very restful sleep.

Sunday morning brought a cooler day after the very warm Saturday and one more game of bowls was played before the lovely hot free lunch was served to the visitors.   The only Armidale teams to win their game was Dennis, Kim and Steve with Dennis and Steve the only team to win two games.  (They should be the first people on the bus for the next trip).  Gifts were exchanged between the two clubs with Moree giving Coaster Stubby holders and Armidale replying with ACBC Biro pens.  To sum up the trip, everyone was absolutely delighted with the welcome and hospitality showered on them from both the Moree Service’s Club and also the Albert Motel.  Plans are already underway for the next trip.