Bowls Results 22nd February 2019

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results of games played last weekend . Major Singles. S Fuller defeated G Bourke 31 to 10. Minor Singles. V Ng defeated C McFayden 31 to 22. P Clarke defeated D Dougherty 31 to 6. Minor Pairs. G Frost and B Wadleigh defeated F Swanson and R Sullivan 21 to 14. R Cundy and S Stubbs defeated D Dougherty and W Brunston 37 to 6. I Jones and K Cundy defeated B White and G Moore 28 to 11.

Games set down for next weekend. Saturday, 2nd March. 10am. Minor Singles. R Kembrey plays P Clarke marker D Dougherty. J McCann plays S Stubbs marker G Moore.