Bowls Results 22nd April 2019

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Competition games set down for next weekend. Saturday 27th April, 10am. Major Singles Final. S Fuller plays T Fuller marker T Ogilvie. Mixed Pairs.  D O’Connell and T Inman play W Brunston and N Jemmeson. J and F Swanson play E and D Dougherty. Minor Fours. H Radlingmayr, W Sauer, P Clarke, R Kembrey play C Moy, K Simpson, R Cundy, I Jones. Sunday 28th April, 10am. Minor Pairs. B Charter and S Froome play R Cundy and S Stubbs. Major Pairs. T Fuller and P Bullen play S Fuller and G Graham. Presidents Singles. G Latham plays J Carey marker TBA.

Results of games played last weekend. Armidale City Mixed 3 Bowl Pairs Carnival. 1ST Reg Clutterbuck and Judy Hoenger. 2nd Ted and Mandi Mowck. 3rd Kevin Cundy and Mavis Borham. 4th Jim Williams and Kerry Fittler. 5th Adel Pojbe and Terry Ogilvie. 6th Mal Ahoy and Sammy Robinson.