Bowls Results 20th July 2020

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results from games played last weekend. Minor Pairs. I Jones, K Cundy defeated F Swanson, R Sullivan 37 to 10. Major Triples. G Bourke, P Bullen, L McIntyre defeated P Clarke, M Carey, D Smith 33 to 15. Minor Triples. H Radlingmayr, D Dowse, R Kembrey defeated B White, C McFayden, V Ng 19 to 13. I Jones, R Cundy, C Moy defeated B Neukgrin, M Coombes, F Swanson 20 to 13. Minor Singles. J Carey defeated R Kembrey 31 to 29. Major Triples. K Brodbeck, G Latham, T McMillan defeated K Cundy, S Fuller, T Fuller 24 to 20.

Competition Games set down. Saturday 25th July, 10.30am. Minor Pairs Final. I Jones, K Cundy play H Radlingmayr, T Ogilvie. Presidents Singles. S Froome plays D O’Connell marker P Wadliegh. C Moy plays P Clarke marker B Wadleigh. J Hoenger plays D Dougherty marker M Knight. Sunday 26th July, 10am. Major Triples Final. G Bourke, P Bullen, L McIntyre play K Brodbeck, G Latham, T McMillan. Minor Triples Final. R Cundy, C Moy, I Jones play H Radlingmary, D Dowse, R Kembrey. Minor Singles. S Froome plays T Ogilvie marker M Coombes

Bowlers please note that your Membership fees are now due and payable before the 31st July 2020.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club Notes

No bowls were played at the club on Tuesday July 14, 2020 owing to the excessive cold and wet weather conditions.  However, on Friday July 17, 2020 eight teams played for the Jill Morson Shield and congratulations to the team of Margaret Hann and Doss O’Connell who won this competition and will now have their names engraved on the Shield.

For interested persons Miss Jill Morson was an esteemed Life member of our club, joining on September 1, 1967 at the tender age of 26 years and soon became a very popular member and a great club person.  Jill’s attributes were many, she was courteous. punctual, served on committee. Willing to do anything asked of her and was also an excellent bowler.  During her 45 years with us Jill won at Club, District and State level and her highest bowling achievements included 4 Club Major Singles Championships and 3 New England District Singles Championships.   Jill generously contributed to our club by sponsoring the Jill Morson Shield played for annually by teams of pairs and this will be continued.

Results of  Senior Fours on Wednesday July 17, 2020 and played at the Uralla Bowling Club.  Congratulations to the winners of P Westbury, J Bray, P Dade, R Rhodes who defeated M Coggan, M South, I Myhill,     D O’Connell who were the runners-up.   Results of District Fours played at Armidale Ex-Service’s on Saturday 18. 7. 2020, congratulations to E Whitton, S Robinson, M Woodward, K Fittler who were the winners  defeating L Marshall, L Apthorpe, M Dexter, B Camp in the final.

On Friday July 24. 7. 2020 at City, teams will play in the Avis Sheedy nominated pairs.  The New England District Triples will be played at the City Club on Saturday and Sunday 25/26 July 2020.