Bowls Results 19th October 2020

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results of games played last weekend. Presidents Singles. D Dowse defeated P Bullen 19 to 9. Mixed Pairs. M Knight, S Stubbs defeated D Dougherty, N Jemmeson 21 to 14.

Competition Games set down for next weekend. Saturday 24th October, 10.30am. Major Fours. P Bullen, L McIntyre, J Bullen, S Froome play T Ogilvie, P Clarke, S Fuller, T Fuller. Sunday 25th October, 10.30am. Presidents Singles. T Fuller plays P Wadleigh.

President verses the CEO mixed social bowls will be played on Sunday 15th November at 10am with a BBQ lunch. Entries are via the Bowls notice board and close on Wednesday 11th November.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club Notes

Social results Tuesday October 13, 2020, F Swanson,E Dougherty, M South drew with B White, R Clutterbuck, B Charter: D O’Connell, I Myhill, M Macgregor defeated J Hoenger, J Carey, D Fuller.

Competition results October 13, 2020, the Minor Consistency    commenced and results are:  M Chappell defeated J Swanson;  M Hann defeated L Fullerton.

Social results Friday October 16, 2020,  E Dougherty (swing), D O’Connell, D Fuller defeated E Dougherty, M Chappell, M South;  M Coombes, M Coggan defeated Dennis Dougherty, N Jemmeson. The Major Consistency will commence on November 10, 2020, names on the board please if you want to participate.  Also, there is an enrolment sheet on the board for the Club Fours for 2021.

Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club members extend sincere sympathy to our member Lorna Halloran and family on the loss of her husband John Halloran.  Our thoughts are with you Lorna.  A guard of Honour was formed by the lady bowlers at John’s funeral on Wednesday.