Bowls results 19th June 2017

Armidale City Men’s Bowling Club.

Results from games played last weekend. Presidents Singles. A Carey defeated K Simpson 19 to 18. M McGregor defeated A Georkas 20 to 15. P Clarke defeated D O’Connell 19 to 17. D Moloney defeated W Simmons 19 to 18. M Jackson defeated A Bull 25 to 18. J Hoenger defeated F Smith. B Dexter defeated M Shiner.

Games set down for Saturday 24th June, 9am. Zone Triples. T Fuller, S Fuller, T Inman (NEDBA) play D Thom, G Pennell, L Russell (CNDBA). The winners to play round 2 at 1pm.

At 1pm. Minor Fours. D Dowse, K Luxford, B Tonnet, K Simpson play S Stubbs, A Bull, P Clarke, B Charter.

Games Set down for Sunday 25th June, 9am. Final of the Zone Triples.

At 9.15am. Minor Triples. M Henderson, D Cuskelly, A Carey play D Dowse, K Luxford, B Charter. Presidents Singles. P Doyle plays G Latham marker R Clutterbuck. M Knight plays B White marker D Moloney. R Kembrey plays PClarke marker D O’Connell.


Armidale City Womens Bowling Club

Competition results Tuesday June 13, 2017 congratulations to Margaret Macgregor and Dawn Fuller who won the final of the three bowl pairs defeating Dos O’Connell and Dora Moloney after a very close game.   There was a social game as well but I don’t have the card.

Competition results Tuesday Friday June 16, the Major Queen of the green was played and D Moloney defeated D O’Connell. Social results J Gossip, M Fergusson, D Fuller defeated F Bourke, M Coggan, M Knight:    E Dougherty, G Holmes, B Charter defeated E Dougherty (2), I Myhill, F Smith.   A welcome back to Fiona who has been away for a short time.

The draw for the Consistency has been done and is on the notice board.

Games set down for Friday June 23, Consistency, with Umpire D Moloney and Controlling Body M Macgregor: B Charter versus F Bourke, marker is D Fuller;  J Gossip versus D Moloney, marker is M Fergusson:  M Coggan versus M Knight, marker is J Hoenger.

Games set down for Tuesday June 27, Patron’s Singles with Umpire D Moloney and Controlling Body M Knight:   D O’Connell versus M King: J Carey versus J Hoenger:  B Charter versus M Fergusson.   Games set down for Friday June 30, Consistency with Umpire D Moloney and Controlling Body M Knight, E Dougherty versus D Fuller;  J Carey versus M Macgregor:  J Hoenger versus M Fergusson.    Consistency to continue on July 7 with M King versus D O’Connell with losers to mark.