Bowls Results 16th December 2019

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

The presentation of the 2019 Bowls trophies was held last weekend and was well attended by both the men and Lady bowlers. The trophies were presented to: Major Singles winner T Fuller runner up S Fuller. Major Pairs winners T Fuller, P Bullen runners up M Jackson, P Doyle. Major Triples winners K Cundy, S Fuller, T Fuller runners up K Brodbeck, G Latham, T McMillan. Major Fours winners M Henderson, K Cundy, G Bourke, G Latham runners up G Graham, J Elliot, P Bullen, S Froome. Minor Singles winner P Clarke runner up J McCann. Minor Pairs winners I Jones, K Cundy runners up M Henderson, T Ogilvie. Minor Triples winners B Charter, K Luxford, D Dowse runners up N Hiscox, P Clarke, R Kembrey. Minor Fours winners B White, G Moore, C McFayden, V Ng runners up K Luxford, B Wadleigh, B Charter, D Dowse. Mixed Pairs winners J Hoenger, G Latham runners up D Fuller, T Fuller. President’s Singles winner T Fuller runner up G Bourke. Minor Major Pairs winners J Carey, T Fuller runners up S Froome, P Bullen.

Entry lists for the 2020 competitions are now on the Bowls notice board.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the Armidale City Bowling Club we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Armidale City Womens Bowling Club

The City Lady bowlers held their break-up day on Tuesday December 10, 2019 and played one game of mixed triples with our men and enjoyed a lovely BBQ after the game.   The results of the bowls were:  H Radlingmayr, M Hann, N Jemmeson defeated J Swanson, M Chappell, R Kembrey:    L Fullerton, M Coggan, S Stubbs defeated E Dougherty, C Glavic, M Knight:    J Hoenger, M South, B Wadleigh defeated R Clutterbuck, N Kiscox, D Fuller:  L Radlingmayr, F Swanson defeated M Coombes, L Halloran.

The outdoor BBQ area was nicely decorated with Christmas fare, lots of coloured streamers reflected on the white tablecloths, small green Christmas trees on each table and bowls of lollies to top everything off.   Each person present received an anonymous gift and winners drawn from the hat were S Stubbs, M Coggan, L Fullerton and runners-up were B Wadleigh, M South, J Hoenger.  President Margaret Macgregor thanked our Chef for the day Reg Clutterbuck also Steve Stubbs and men’s President Richard Kembrey, Secretary Judy Carey for all their help during this day and everyone who contributed food for the break-up day.

The combined Presentation afternoon was conducted on Sunday December 15, 2019 in the Tops auditorium and prizes were presented to all competition winners and runners-up.  Unfortunately, names are too numerous to permit publication here but the list is available at the Club.

Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club would like to thank the Northern Daily Leader and the Armidale Express for printing and publishing our bowls results throughout the year, which are appreciated by their readers which covers a large area of the bowling fraternity. We also thank the Club Ltd for the use of the greens, the very obliging CEO Walter and also Greg, the catering and bar staff, the greens staff, and everyone else who assists the lady bowlers to enjoy their chosen sport.  We are now in recess and will resume our bowls on January 14, 2020.  We wish all bowlers and readers the very best for the festive season and good bowling in 20