Bowls Results 13th May 2019

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results of games played last weekend. Minor Singles Final. P Clarke defeated J McCann 33 to 28. Mixed Pairs. D O’Connell, T Inman defeated W Brunston, N Jemmeson 24 to 13. Presidents Singles. J Carey defeated D Dougherty 19 to 11. K Simpson won on forfeit from R Strahle.

Competition games set down. Thursday 16th May, 10am. Mixed Pairs. J and F Swanson play M Knight and S Stubbs. Saturday 18th May, 10am. Major Pairs. G Bourke and G Latham play P Bullen and T Fuller. Minor Pairs. M Henderson and T Ogilvie play P Clarke and V Ng. Presidents Singles. F Swanson plays M Carey marker TBA. Sunday 19th May, 10am. Major Fours. G Graham, J Elliot, P Bullen, S Froome play R Strahle, T Inman, S Fuller, T Fuller. Mixed Pairs. M King, G Bourke play M Macgregor, P Clarke.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club

Competition results Tuesday May 3, 2019, Club Major Singles with Umpire E Dougherty, M South defeated M Knight:  J Swanson defeated J Carey:  L Halloran defeated I Myhill.  Social result May 7, 2019, S Sauer, E Dougherty, D Tremayne defeated L Fullerton, M King, L Halloran.

Competition results Friday May 10, 2019, Club Major Singles with Umpire E Dougherty and J Hoenger as controlling body, M Macgregor defeated J Swanson;  D Fuller defeated D O’Connell.  Social results, M King, E Dougherty defeated L Fullerton, N Jemmeson;  J Hoenger, M South defeated I Myhill, M Coggan.   The 100 club was drawn and first was Lucy with Dot coming in second and getting a bonus drawing third place as well.

Games set down for Friday May 17, 2019, semi-final of the Club Major Singles, D Fuller versus L Halloran and M South versus M Macgregor.  Members are advised their annual subscriptions are due and payable by May 31, 2019.  Bowlers now have a choice of which category of annual fees they wish to pay.   Inverell are celebrating their 65th birthday on May 21, 2019 and three teams from our club will be attending this historic event.

Good luck to all the New England pennant players on 12-14 May, 2019, participating at Guyra in the play-offs.  Ex-Service’s are contesting Grade 2 and 3 and Armidale City contesting Grade 4.  Our bus will leave the club at 7.30 am for Guyra.  Let’s hope the weather is