Bowls Results 13th July 2020

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results from games played last weekend. Major Pairs. J Bullen, S Fuller defeated P Wadleigh, R Kembrey (sub) 17 to 16. Minor Triples. B Neukgrin, F Swanson, M Coombes defeated S Stubbs, B Wadleigh, R Sullivan 26 to 11. Minor Singles. C McFayden defeated K Cundy 31 to 29. Major Singles. J Bullen defeated P Doyle 31 to 24.

Competition Games set down. Saturday 18th July, 12.30pm. Minor Pairs. F Swanson, R Sullivan play I Jones, K Cundy. Major Triples. P Clarke, M Carey, D Smith play G Bourke, P Bullen, L McIntyre. Minor Triples. H Radlingmayr, D Dowse, R Kembrey play B White, C McFayden, V Ng. Sunday 19th July, 10am. Minor Singles. J Carey plays R Kembrey marker A Carey. Minor Triples. I Jones, R Cundy, C Moy play B Neukgrin, M Coombes, F Swanson. Major Triples. K Brodbeck, G Latham, T McMillan play K Cundy, S Fuller, T Fuller

Bowlers please note that your Membership fees are now due and payable before the 31st July 2020.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club

Social bowls results Tuesday July 7, 2020, M Coggan, L Fuller, D Fuller defeated L Fullerton, M South, N Jemmeson:  M King, J Swanson, B Charter defeated J Hoenger, I Myhill, L Halloran.

Social bowls results Friday July 10, 2020, M Chappell, I Myhill, D Fuller defeated D O’Connell, M South, M Coggan.  Unfortunately only six bowlers turned up for a game in the inclement weather.

The NEDWBA Singles were played at the City Club over Saturday and Sunday July 11-12, 2020 and some very good bowls were witnessed.

Games played on Saturday July 10, 2020 P Johns forfeited to P McFayden:  M Dexter (Ex-Servies) defeated J Hayes (Walcha) 26-19:  L Apthorpe (Ex-Servies) defeated M Woodward (Ex-Services) 25-19:  B Camp (Ex-Servies) defeated K Fittler (Ex-Services) 25-16:  L Apthorpe (Ex-Services) defeated P McFayden (Ex-Servies) 25-16:  Sunday 12.7.2020, Semi-Final, M Dexter (Ex-Servies) defeated L Apthorpe (Ex-Servies) 25-24:  FINAL, B Camp (Ex-Service’s) defeated M Dexter (Ex-Servies) 25.5.

Congratulations to Brittany Camp in taking out this FINAL and we wish you all the best in the play-offs at Lighning Ridge.