Bowls Results 12th October 2020

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Competition Games set down for next weekend. Sunday 18th October, 10.30am. Presidents Singles. P Bullen plays D Dowse. Mixed Pairs. M Knight, S Stubbs play D Dougherty, N Jammerson.

President verses the CEO mixed social bowls will be played on Sunday 15th November at 10am with a BBQ lunch. Entries are via the Bowls notice board and close on Wednesday 11th November.


Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club

Social result on Friday October 2, 2020 Fred Swanson, I Myhill M South defeated L Fullerton, J Swanson, M Coggan.  Social results on Tuesday October 6, 2020, J Hoenger, M Coggan defeated L Fullerton, N Jemmeson: J Swanson, M South defeated M Hann, D Fuller:  B Charter, M Chappell, M Macgregor defeated J Carey, Fred Swanson, E Dougherty.

The Versatility Triples competition was played over several days but commenced with the triples on September 25, 2020, continued with the pairs on 29 September, 2020 and was finalised on October 2, 2020 with the Singles.  Congratulations to the winners who were Betty Charter, Ila Myhill and Judy Hoenger.  The runners-up on a count-back were Lucy Fullerton, Marge South, Dot Tremayne.

A  comprehensive coaching clinic for markers for singles games was held on Tuesday October 6, 2020 and NEDWBA President Nanette Jemmeson is to be congratulated for her expertise and willingness for club members to avail themselves of the skills of a competent marker.  For instance, just say you were chosen to mark a State Singles match, would you be fully aware of all the things you needed to know?  Would you know the correct way to indicate the distances between bowls and jack to the two players?   Are you capable of knowing if the jack was thrown far enough?  Have you got all the gear for marking and measuring the bowls?  Do you know the correct way to answer all the queries from the two players without giving either one an advantage?   All bowlers enjoyed and learned something from this exercise and appreciated the opportunity.

Some dates for your diary:    Uralla celebrating their birthday November 4, 2020;  Association day at Guyra on November 9, 2020;  North versus South day November 26, 2020;  Recess day December 11, 2020.  Dates for 2021:  Association day September 7, 2021;  President’s day August 24, 2021.