Bowls Results 12th November 2018

Armidale City Men’s Bowls.

Results of games played last weekend. Major Minor Pairs. L McIntyre, R Kembrey defeated T Fuller, S Stubbs 20 to 11.

Competition games set down. 17th and 18th November. The Richie Clutterbuck Memorial Pairs.

Following the loss of Richie Clutterbuck, the Board of the Armidale City Bowling Club has decided to rename the City for All Seasons Pairs to the Richie Clutterbuck Memorial Pairs.

This is in honour to Richie for the many years’ service to the club and to bowls in general both as a distinguished player and administrator.

Richie has on several occasions won this event and since its inception in 1983 was one of the main driving forces behind the event. With Richie’s passing there has been a loss to bowls that can never be replaced.

It therefore goes without saying that a man of his character and ability in this sport should and must be remembered.

Based on this the Board of Armidale City went forward in renaming this event.

Additionally, an impressive Shield has been arranged to recognize the Richie Clutterbuck Memorial Pairs which will be presented to the winning pair. This trophy will perpetuate his memory associated with this event and will be housed within the club. Smaller shields will also be presented to the winners.

Currently the event has a maximum of 32 teams with several Bowls NSW State Players being in attendance in honour of Richie.

Teams nominated are: B and M Ahoy. D Wilcox and S Sole. C O’Tool and A Hemmings. B Cullen and T Johnson. P Heath and S Stubbs. J Douglas and F Hall. K Cundy and I Jones. G Jeans and J Graham. G Prisk and G Graham. D Newton and S Hamilton. R Pearce and Reg Clutterbuck. G Willis and A McMillan. C Healy and G Bourke. C Donaldson and P Bullen. D Morrison and P Doyle. N Dawson and M Shiner. A Wilson and G Latham. A Bull and P Wheaton. C and K Brodbeck. T Fuller and T Inman. R Kembrey and P Clarke. L McIntyre and S Chapman. R Chetwynd and D Farrell. D Williams and T Lee. D Morgan and C Mannin. W Murray and R Farmer. Glen Farrell and M Pennell. C Kliendienst and D Kennedy. R Strahle and P Wadleigh. S Fuller and A Player. A Regent and A Player. C Collins and A Player. Reserves P Robinson and K Miller. M Henderson