Bowls results 12th June 2017

Armidale City Men’s Bowling Club.

The following players have been selected for the NEDBA Watkins shield. T Fuller, G Latham, P Bullen, J Bullen, G Graham. Reserves G Davis, T Inman.

Games set down for Saturday 17th June, 1pm. Presidents Singles. D Moloney plays J Williams marker G Holmes. M Jackson plays A Bull marker P Wadleigh. J Hoenger plays F Smith marker C McFayden. D O’Connell plays P Clarke marker R Kembrey. M McGregor plays A Georkas marker K Simpson.

Games set down for Sunday 18th June 9.15am. Presidents Singles. B Dexter plays M Shiner marker R Clutterbuck. K Simpson plays A Carey marker S Stubbs.

Players can arrange their games to be played prior to set down dates.

Games set down for Saturday 24th June, 9am. Zone Triples. T Fuller, S Fuller, T Inman (NEDBA) play D Thom, G Pennell, L Russell (CNDBA). The winners to play round 2 at 1pm.

At 1pm. Minor Fours. D Dowse, K Luxford, B Tonnet, K Simpson play S Stubbs, A Bull, P Clarke, B Charter.

Games Set down for Sunday 25th June, 9am. Final of the Zone Triples.

At 9.15am. Minor Triples. M Henderson, D Cuskelly, A Carey play D Dowse, K Luxford, B Charter. Presidents Singles. P Doyle plays G Latham marker R Clutterbuck. M Knight plays B White marker D Moloney. R Kembrey plays the winner of D O’Connell/PClarke loser to mark.