Bowls news 8th August 2019

Armidale City Men’s Bowls

Results of games played last weekend. Minor Triples Final. B Charter, A Carey, D Dowse defeated N Hiscox, P Clarke, R Kembrey 18 to 15. Presidents Singles. T Fuller defeated V Ng 25 to 12.  G Bourke defeated J Carey 26 to 17. Sunday 4th August, 10am. Major Triples. K Brodbeck, G Latham, T McMillan defeated M Jackson, C Brodbeck, P Doyle 26 to 24. Major Fours. G Graham, J Elliot, P Bullen, S Froome defeated R Strahle, T Inman, S Fuller, T Fuller 19 to 18.

The Armidale City Bowling Club Major Minor 3 Bowl Pairs will be played next weekend 10th and 11th August with $3000.000 prize money on offer. Open draw will be conducted at 8.45am on the first day.

Todd Fuller and Paul Bullen will play in the Zone 3 Champion of Champion Pairs next weekend at South Tamworth Bowling Club.

The Coca Cola Versatility Fours will be played on the 14th and 15th September with total prize money of $3000.00. Each team to consist of 2 Major and 2 Minors and may be mixed. Entry fee $30 per player. Lunch not included. Entries close 6pm Sunday 1st September and must be on the official entry form.

The 2nd Annual Richie Clutterbuck Men’s Open Memorial Pairs will be held on the 16th and 17th November. Total prize money $5600.00. Entry fee $80 per team. Includes sausage sizzle lunch on both days. Entries close 6pm Sunday 10th November.

Entry forms are on the Bowls notice board.

Armidale City Womens Bowling Club

The  Annual General Meeting was held on Monday July 22, 2019 and the following office bearers were duly elected for the ensuing 2019-2020 year.  Patron’s, J Green, B Sloggett and M Smith:  President, M Macgregor.  Margaret was previously elected to this position in 1990-1993 and this is Margaret’s second term of being elected as President to Armidale City Women’s Bowling Club.  Congratulations Margaret you bring a lot of experience and knowledge to this position with you.  Vice Presidents, D O’Connell, M King:  Secretary:  vacant, Treasurer:  J Hoenger,  Selector’s:  N Jemmeson (Chairperson of Selector’s), I Myhill, J Carey, Games Manager:  E Dougherty, Publicity Officer:  D Fuller.

Social results July 23.7.2019, L Fullerton, I Myhill, N Jemmeson defeated J Carey, M King, L Fullerton (swing).  Pennant practice, J Hoenger, J Swanson, M Coggan, M Macgregor defeated D O’Connell, M Knight, B Charter, D Tremayne.   Patron’s Singles, Friday 26.7. 2019, M Macgregor defeated M Coggan, N Jemmeson defeated J Carey, J Hoenger defeated M Knight.

Competition results Tuesday July 29, 2019, Patron’s Singles with Umpire M Coggan, N Jemmeson defeated D O’Connell; M Macgregor defeated J Hoenger;  L Halloran defeated L Fullerton;  M South defeated J Swanson.   Social result, D O’Connell, M Coggan defeated M Knight, B Charter.

Competition results Friday August 2, 2019. Patron’s Singles with Umpire M Coggan, N Jemmeson defeated M Macgregor;  M South defeated J Swanson.  Minor Singles, E Dougherty defeated M King.  Games set down for Tuesday August 6, 2019, the Final of the Minor Singles, E Dougherty versus J Carey and also the Final of the Patron’s Singles, M South versus N Jemmeson with Umpire M Coggan officiating.

Our City lady pennant team will travel to Kingscliff on Tuesday August 13, 2019 to contest the State No 4 Pennant.   Good luck girls and play well.  Best wishes also to Ex-Service’s who are contesting the No 3 and No 2 State pennants at the same time on the Gold Coast.  Go New England.