Elevate Rewards

elevate-logo-copyAs a member at The Armidale City Bowling Club you will also receive rewards for participating in our award winning establishment.

The Elevate Members Rewards Program is a tiered Members Rewards program that is exclusive to the Armidale City Bowling Club.

You are recognised and rewarded when you use your membership card at the Armidale City Bowling Club. It’s one of our ways of saying “Thank You” for your loyalty to your Club.


There are 4 different levels, or tiers, in the Elevate Rewards Program.  The level you are on is based on the points you have earned. The more points you earn, the higher the tier and the more Rewards you receive. The four levels are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond with Diamond being the highest level.

Levels are reviewed each month and you can move up to a higher level at this time based on your point accrual over the past 12 months. You can only be moved down a level once every 6 months.

What’s my level?

You can check what level you are on at the elevate membership kiosk in the club.

What are the benefits?

The more points you earn, the higher the tier and the more rewards you receive. Benefits include exclusive offers and promotions for different tiers, VIP dinners, complimentary drinks and more.

Members will be notified of events and exclusive offers on a regular basis.

*Player Activity Statements available upon request


Elevate Rewards Program offers you endless Rewards as well as ensuring that your Club loyalty is converted into real value.

Call into the Armidale City Bowling Club to find out more.

Click here to download a copy of the Elevate Rewards Program Information Brochure.

Click here for Elevate Reward Program Terms and Conditions.