COVID-19 Rules and Restrictions

We are committed to keeping our members, guests and visitors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Please note that Covid restrictions and legislation still applies and basic conditions of entry to the venue are:
    • Mandatory Mask wearing indoors, as per NSW Government regulations
    • You must sign in and out when entering/ leaving the premises via the QR codes upon arrival
    • You must not enter the venue when feeling ill or unwell – hot spot residents or recent visitors to hot spot locations may be denied Club entry
    • You must be seated whilst in the venue
    • You agree to practice hand hygiene
    • You agree to maintain social distancing


  • The Club is still required to adhere to the 4m2 load limits throughout the Club
  • Events can host up to 110 guests (Auditorium capacity) Room capacity limits apply. Please contact our event team for more information.

We also have rules and restrictions that have been incorporated in to our events services;

Covid-19 restrictions that currently apply to events are as follows;
  • The club is required to have names and contact phone numbers of every guest within the event that can be provided to the police/government if a Covid-19 case is discovered. To alleviate a long queue at the reception and to allow guests to just go straight in to the event space on arrival, we ask that the organiser provide the Club with a list of each guest’s name and the guest’s contact phone number at least 2 days prior to the event. If the event organiser is unable to provide this, please note that there will be a significant wait time to sign everyone in. All guests over the age of 18 will need to provide either a membership card OR photo ID in order to sign in. ALL guests at the event will need to be on the list, including those who are under 18 (please note that this includes small children and babies who can be contacted via their parent/guardian phone number)
  • Elimination has applied to buffets and shared platters. Plated meals or individually portioned meals are available and the Club is continuously looking at new ways to adapt customer menu requests to adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions.

We kindly ask all our event customers to be mindful that we are not able to offer our usual services whilst navigating through these uncertain times, are we are adapting and adjusting each week to try to offer the best service possible to our clients. We are still striving to make every occasion a memory and to continue to offer our venue to our community as a place to celebrate events.

We thank all our members and guests for their understanding while we navigate through these uncertain times, and we are hopeful that we return our business back to normal in the not too distant future.