Club History

Developing with the Armidale Community

Our club was founded in 1914, and was originally created to satisfy a need for a Sports and Recreation Club in the town of Armidale. The site on which we are built was formally used as a tannery and flour mill, and the club itself, was only a small building and had only the one green. In 1923, a second green was added to the site to provide more space to gather, socialize and play bowls. By 1948, The Armidale City Bowling Club was well and truly established and with our ever increasing popularity, a third green was constructed.

As the Armidale Community developed, so did the Club and today we have a thriving membership of over 5000 that enjoy a newly renovated Club house with 6 standalone event spaces, 3 bars and 2 kitchen operations. Whilst developing the Clubs current features for members and guests Board and Management have stayed committed to giving back to our community as the Club continues to grow and Armidale continues to expand.

The ‘Bowlo’ now has over 85 community partners and commits over $200 000 annually to the development of the locally community. This strategic passion has been the driving force behind the Club being named a 4 times ClubsNSW Club of the Year – 2011, 2010, 2009, 2005. Winning this and many other industry based awards has cemented the ‘Bowlo’ as an innovative industry leader.

The Club has a come a long way from its humble beginnings and this is largely due to the consistent support from the local community. It is this support that has seen the Club align its services with Armidale’s oldest residence and the National Trust listed Saumarez House. Working closely with a community asset to offer event management services has allowed the Club to aid in the development and sustainability of a unique community facility whilst also extending the Clubs services beyond the licensed premises.

With the Club continuing to expand its premise and with membership increasing along with revenue generation the Armidale City Bowling Club will continue to support and develop the local community from which it owes its success, now and into the future.