Saturday, 10th March 2018

08:30pm to 11:30pm

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Weekly Lounge Entertainment

Live from 8pm in the lounge, come and see the very talented SAMI.

SAMI has been on the road touring since 2014 and is actively making a permanent name for herself in the music industry, for her hard work and ambition. She captivates her audience with her approachable personality and natural stage presence. Her vocal ability is beyond her years and her song writing has been well recognised within the industry, winning many prestigious awards.

SAMI travels each weekend to perform 2-3 solo shows across the Eastern side of Australia through the guidance of Samittar Management & Promotions. With the release of her award winning, debut album ‘SAMI- Every Passing Minute’, SAMI performs over one hundred shows every year including two international tours in Canada and New Zealand in 2016, both re-booked for 2017, plans are happening for an American Tour in 2018. With nearly 1,000 sales of her album, it has been responded to well by the public and industry.

SAMI’s latest single release ‘I Just Want To  Love You’ hit #5 on the Itune Charts with over 1,000 views over night on Youtube: